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The movie drama named „Philomena“ made by a British director Stephen Frears, took high awards at the Venice and Toronto film festivals. This true story tells of a real Irish woman, named Philomena, whose role is played by Judi Dench. Philomena had her child taken away from her and transfered abroad with the blessing of the Irish Catholic priests, in other words, adopted by American step-parents back in the 1950s, and here the story unfolds. What is remarkable, the movie brings together the destinies of Ireland, the United States, Britain and Russia.

Martin Sixsmith, played by Steve Coogan, a former Moscow correspondent of a British publication, becomes one of the central character by helping Philomena to find tracks of her son. The movie director probably rubbed salt into the wounds of the church, when he confessed he wanted the Pope to watch what his church’s members were up to. By making that suggestion he clearly outdid Mr. Sixsmith in a sometimes cruel professional cynicism.

In the audience, there was a lot of emotions, tears and applause. In the media, a lot of politically correct praise and mild criticism of the already embattled church.

And even while the jury of the Film Festival in Venice, headed by the famous director Bernardo Bertolucci, gave awards to the screenplay and Judy Dench (Philomena) alone.

The American Cinema Academy is expected to be somewhat more generous. By February, critics are sure, Philomena will bring an Oscar to its maker.

La 70. Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica in Venezia

The world’s oldest film festival in Venice celebrated its 70th anniversary.


















Festival Higlights

Venezia 70 Future Reloaded

70 most famous filmmakers made short films ( 60 to 90 seconds about the future of cinema, to celebrate the 70th edition of the Venice Film Festival.

Jesse Eisenberg 

Actor ( in personal interview about filmmaking, writing, childhood and NY


hold pre-opening-day-party on the rooftop terrace of the historic Hotel Danieli ( in honor of Bernardo Bertolucci,the jury president of the fest’s 70th edition. The menu – by Antonello De‘ Medici and his team – was inspired by his Bertolucci’s films „The Sheltering Sky“, „The Last Emperor“, „Last Tango in Paris“, and „Little Buddha“.








movie-stars arrived on the red carpet in style delivered by Maserati, the main sponsor of the 70th Venice International Film Festival.

MASERATI Lounge in Excelsior – Venice Lido Ressort
















Louis Garrel in „JEALOUSY“ – again as a young lover …

confeced that he has to keep reputation of French men on screen. It means: When beloved woman leaves you – you have to begin suicide!


Nominations have caused real surprise. The prize for the best film went to a documentary.

“Sacro GRA” of Gianfranco Rosi about life along the highway that circles Rome.

It is the first time that Italian film has won the top prize in Venice in 15 years, when last Gianni Amelio became a “Lion” for “The Way We Laughed” in 1998. It feels like Renaissance of the Italian cinema and come back of the Fellini-time. Indeed, the genre of storytelling of Rosi is a nod to Italo Calvino’s post modern pen and Federico Fellini’s romantic portrayal of the same road in his epic “Roma” (1972).